We would like to thank everyone for their patience while we have been trying to sort everything out for this years Undiscovered Realm Comic Con.

As soon as last years show ended we worked to secure dates with our venue immediately so we could begin to book guests and get the ball rolling on this years event. As any show promoter is aware you are at the mercy of whatever available dates the venue has and they can be booked up years in advance. Even the biggest of shows have to deal with essentially whatever dates they are given and make it work.

We were lucky enough to secure what seemed to be a wide open weekend in June which is a small miracle considering how packed the convention scene is that time of year especially in the northeast. We began immediately working on guests and had some exciting things in the works.

As we got closer to the end of the year unfortunately two other fairly local shows ended up getting the same dates as we had which causes an issue not only for us and the other show promoters but the guests, and most unfortunately the fans.

We worked extremely hard with our venue to try and move things around to make other dates possibly work. They were extremely accommodating because they wanted the show to happen just as much as we did. Unfortunately none of the limited options were viable so we made the painful decision to push the show back until 2019 rather than be forced to sacrifice the quality of the show or make the fans have to pick and choose where to attend.

We are already working hard to secure dates for 2019 and rest assured we will be back.

Thank you to all the wonderful vendors, agents, and fans who have all been contacting us hoping to be a part of this years show and telling us how much they have enjoyed it. It truly means the world to us.

Putting on a show like this is a tremendous amount of work over the course of an entire year so believe that no one is more sad to have to skip this year than us especially after the past few years of growth but we believe it is the right thing to do in order to continue that growth and put on the best possible show.

Thank you and we will see you all in 2019.

- Undiscovered Realm

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